Maria Zimari

Contemporary Artist Painter


Maria Zimari was born on June 17th, 1956 in Lecce and since childhood she shows her passion and inclination for design and creativity. She attendend Fine Art School "V. Ciardo" in Lecce, under the direction of prof. Lorenzo Ciccarese, a sculptor famous in Italy and abroad. She continued her artistic career over the years looking for a world where reality and fantasy meet bright colors, she developed a high sensitivity in the use of different techniques and color, embodying her passion, which makes her discover the beauty of interpreting something that already exists. Only in the year 2008 she decided to start to exhibit her Artworks, the first ones dating back to the early nineties, beginning from Locarno in Switzerland in 2008, Alassio in 2009 and today the artist has got many solo exhibitions.
In 2014, a family tragedy pushes her to express her emotions through abstraction.
Her artistic and human experience is gained through travels that led herin various countries all over the world, where she met different people and cultures that we often find in her paintings, through an expressive path that becomes an integral part of her time.


The artist is present in the following magazines, journals, newspapers and catalogs:

  • ARTISTI NELLA STORIA curated by Josè Van Roy Dalì
  • EFFETTO ARTE 2012/2013/2014
  • OVERART 2012/2013/2014


Exhibitions 2010:

  • Novi Ligure "Viaggiare con i colori" - Travel with colors - Dellepiane Palace (solo exhibition)
  • Muro Lucano - Arte per la Vita - Art for Life - (collective exhibition)
  • Tortona - "Impressioni…tra sogno e realtà" - Impressions...between dreams and reality (solo exhibition)

Exhibitions 2011:

  • Acqui Terme - "Viaggio alla ricerca dei colori" - travel looking out for colors (solo exhibition)
  • Biennale Chianciano Terme (collective Exhibition with 160 artists from all over the world)
  • Bibbiena - Award Exhibition
  • Bosco Marengo - Art in S. Croce
  • Genivolta - Painting Award

Exhibitions 2012:

  • Cesano Maderno - "Viaggiare…alla luce del sole" - travelling in the sunlight (solo exhibition)
  • Switzerland - Permanent Exhibition Unique Piece
  • London - Exhibition at Bricklane Gallery (collective exhibition)
  • Turin - Exhibition at Galleria La Telaccia
  • Ovada - "Magical atmosphere" (solo exhibition)
  • Taranto - "Award Città dei Due Mari"
  • Rome - Prize Capitoleum
  • Montecarlo - 5th Art Biennal organised from La Telaccia Gallery

Exhibitions 2013:

  • Noicattaro (Bari) - International art exhibition "Plagi"
  • Berlin - Exhibition "Berlin4"
  • Rome - "Capitoleum Prize 2013"
  • Reggia di Caserta and Castello di Termoli - "International Prize"
  • Noicattaro (Bari) - "Music Poetry Talk to us"
  • Monreale (Palerm) - "International Prize for the Peace"
  • Reggio Emilia - Art Fair "Immagina"
  • Forlì - Fair of Contemporary Art
  • Palerm - "Nel segno della figurazione" - in the sign of figuration

Exhibitions 2014:

  • Moscow - "Viva Italia" (collective exhibition)
  • Varazze - "Colours=Emotions"
  • Locri - "Il segno e la forma" - The sign and the shape (collective exhibition)
  • Savona - "Artisti a confronto" - Artists in comparison
  • Pavia - Exhibition at Biancoscuro Gallery
  • London "Animal House" at Oxford Castle (collective exhibition)
  • Montecarlo 1st Biennal of Art with Artexpo at Hotel de Paris
  • Paris - La Grande Exposition Universelle "collective exhibition inside Eiffel Tower"
  • Paris - Carrousel du Louvre "Salon Art Shopping"
  • Florence "Confronti tra Astrattismo e Realismo" - Comparison between abstraction and realism
  • Noicattaro - International Art "Il Ritratto" - The portrait
  • Spoleto "Festival Art Expo 2014"
  • Florence - "Naturalmente" at ArtExpertise Gallery Merlino
  • Fiano Romano - "Astrattismo Informale" at Gallery Giuliani
  • Barletta - "C'è ancora tanta strada..." "Foundation Arte01" sponsor De Nittis Foundation
  • Naples - "Natale a Napoli 2014" at Modern Art Pinacoteque Le Porte
  • Bratislava - "Arte a confronto" at the Museum of the Slovak National Radio
  • London - "INSIDE II EDITION-EXPO-CONTEMPORARY ART " at Royal Opera Arcade Gallery

Exhibitions 2015:

  • Bologna - "Art at Palazzo Fantuzzi"
  • Milan - "Milano Art Gallery"
  • Genova - "Prize Cristoforo Colombo 2015"
  • Venice - "Bautando" at Venice C'Art Gallery
  • Barcellona - "Bienal de Arte Barcelona" at European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM)
  • Bologna - "The seasons of art - II edition" with Wikiarte Gallery
  • Dubai - Abu Dhabi "Italian Soul Contemporary Art in UAE"
  • New York - "Artexpo NYC" with Coronari 111 Art Gallery
  • Rome - "Learning to fly" small Solo exhibition with Flyer Art Gallery
  • Cremona - "Arte Cremona 2015" with Artexpo Gallery
  • Forlì - "Vernice Art Fair" with Artexpo Gallery
  • Bari - "International Contest in the same place at the same time" with GlobalArt Gallery
  • Rome - "Permanent collective exhibition" at Flyer Art Gallery
  • Alessandria - "The path of soul" Personal Exhibition at Borgoratto Alessandrino
  • Cesenatico - "Prize Artist of the year 2015"
  • Olbia - "Exhibition at Archeology Museum"
  • Milan - Rome - "Live expo Milan/Rome" with Flyer Art Gallery
  • Barcellona - "Barcelona International Art Expo 2015" with Flyer Art Gallery
  • Perugia - "Painting meets wine" Collective exhibition at Cantine Goretti.
  • Palerm - "Wunderkammer" The Secret Art Room
  • Palerm - 2a International Art Biennal Artexpo - January 11/25 2015


Critical texts about the Art of Maria Zimari

Josè Van Roy Dalì

"The Art of Maria Zimari is the perfect combination of technical and creative drive. A bright light that becomes pure energy is the backbone of her work, it dissolves in the eye of the viewer and before in his soul that remains attracted and emotionally involved. The works of Zimari are visual narratives and color that grow wild guided by her great passion and innate talent of being able to create and communicate the immediacy of being and of the deepest feelings. Gleams and shades talks through the sign and capture our attention so magnetic. Visible and vigorous brushstrokes emphasize and enhance the entire composition, light up the senses and the imagination of the viewer, giving new interpretations of reality and the world around us".

Josè Van Roy Dalì

Dott.ssa Elena Gollini

"In the varied experience, that distinguishes Maria Zimari, you can capture the perfect harmony and adherence with the size, starting from the reality that examines the unconscious sphere and enters in it and in all the manifestations of the articulated movement of the soul, which often we think they not exist or they are inconsistent, but that in the static of our thoughts and feelings acquire an essence of vitality. Through the narrative language tending to informalism abstract with strong and bright colors, Zimari wants to communicate, even if that often happen to be in a state of existential bewilderment and seems to have no more way out, there is always a solution. And it is his journey in art, with the weighty symbolic and allegorical plays, which outlines the way she pursued in the right way and take the right meaning, the right weight and the right significance. Each work is a journey in itself, an idea by which the mind is its own perfect size, through the colorful shades and is inserted in a context that the real you is channeling the irrational and reaches out to a world dreamlike fantasy. The painting itself therefore serves as a link to get to the symbolic formula "representation-idea-trip" channeled into a single entity, the picture. Zimari goes far beyond "the physical entity" evocation of aesthetics, the starting point for developing psychological and intimate of the "physical reality within" the discovery of perceptual sensations exciting to share with the viewer".

Elena Gollini

Dott. Salvatore Russo

"Maria Zimari stands out for the great artistic value of her works. Master of shape and color, along with the brilliance of content, in every work of art, they are therefore the main elements of choice evaluation of her major project".

Salvatore Russo

Prof. Guido Rosso

"Whispered colours climbing a staircase in a Ligurian village, naked expression of enveloping and insinuating soft light, sunsets of aggressive beauty capturing the highlands of Africa, which become an expression of emotion that the artist communicates to the viewer, involving him, penetrating eyes in the hope , the emotional center of a picture of exotic flavor: these are just some aspects of the multi-colored world that we find in her art, on the canvases of Maria Zimari".

Guido Rosso

Dott.ssa Sabrina Delliturri

"The painting of Zimari complaints a particular chromatical verve with a definite descriptive task, perceived by the stroke of a technical awareness and unique and original style, typical of Manet colours. The visual impact of the sky is due to Courbet instead, who draws strength from lyrical tonal nuance.
It 's impossible not to appreciate the skill of Zimari in handling the brush and essential perspective that, with dexterity and compositional mastery of shades, gives plasticity".

Sabrina Delliturri

Dott.ssa Silvia Arfelli

"A search for identity and interiority moves from evocative and suggestive landscapes of Mary Zimari, in which the vegetation and the brilliant sunsets of other latitudes symbolize the yearning for life and freedom that results in the journey. The intense chromatic expressiveness and stylistic work transcends the emotional gist...".

Silvia Arfelli

Prof. Alfredo Barbagallo

"Art of cutting solidly classicist, ably anchored the criteria representative of ancient Roman school. Remarkable capacity for basic configuration".

Alfredo Barbagallo

Prof.ssa Mara Ferloni

"What the artist with unquestionable and refined compositional skills is able to convey to her works, through the fascinating use of color and shape,      is a poetic dialogue that communicates the spiritual bond with nature, creating the dreamy atmosphere of a spring breath".

Mara Ferloni

Arch. Barbara Righetti

"Dreamy scene of a peach in bloom releasing beautiful pink petals for distant memories and starry evenings. Good expression in the cheerful dialectic of three dominant colors: blue, pink and emerald green".

Barbara Righetti

Prof. Carlo Roberto Sciascia

"The artist's palette is being able to experiment different techniques with skill".

Carlo Roberto Sciascia

Prof. Paolo Levi

"With true poetic vein, the author tackles a glimpse of the beauty of the marine environment after the storm. The relationship between the tonal gray, blue, and the sudden flashes of white light, are the hallmark of undeniable executive talent".

Paolo Levi

Sandro Serradifalco

" Summer becomes part of the emotions of the deep space, they're taken on the support using strong colours and really useful for the viewer. This is the artistic stage of Maria Zimari, one painting that breath of absolute in one suspended dimension from who is possible to let yourself enchant. An open universe in front of the beholder's soul".

Sandro Serradifalco

Dino Marasà

"An energy explosion come, in this work, sublimated from the Artist Maria Zimari, up to be deconstructed in an image that has its roots in the informal. The colors ranging choices are effervescent, and unleash the full force of intersecting spatula on spatula, to create a thickness that gives materiality to the painting. Maria Zimari, with this contemporary and scratchy work, once again confirms herself an able painter, whose technical foundations are solid and whose communication skills are able to reach very high levels. ".

Dino Marasà



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    Upcoming events:
  • Paris - La Grande Exposition Universelle- The exhibition inside the Eiffel Tower - October 23, 2014
  • Paris - Carrousel du Louvre - Salon Art Shopping - October 25-26, 2014
  • Florence "Confronti tra Astrattismo e Realismo" - Comparison between abstraction and realism
  • Palerm - 2nd International Biennal of Art Artexpo - January 11-25, 2015

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